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If you’re shifting in your career and want to expand your knowledge so you can grow and develop, I would recommend getting a career coach.


Here’s my top five reasons why you should have a career coach:

1. They'll help clarify your vision and goals

You’ll be working with someone who will give you clarity and help map out how you can achieve your career goals. 


2. They'll provide advice as someone who’s been there before

You’ll be able to leverage the valuable knowledge and learnings they've gained over their career. 


3. They’ll help you work through your blockers

Career coaches will figure out what’s holding you back and preventing you from pushing yourself forward, and help you overcome these blockers. 


4. They'll help keep you accountable

You'll have someone in your corner who will help you develop momentum and stay on track to meet your goals. 


5. They’ll help you navigate...

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Uncategorized Sep 13, 2021

Sheree Rubenstein started and founded One Roof, which is a women’s coworking and networking space in Melbourne that brings female leaders and entrepreneurs together under one roof.

I chatted with her about her experience as an entrepreneur, and how One Roof has pivoted to survive the global pandemic.  


Sheree’s biggest piece of advice for those considering starting their own business is to find economical and quick ways to test your idea without spending too much money.

To test her idea for One Roof, Sheree rented an Airbnb in Saint Kilda for a week as a ‘pop-up coworking space’. Here, she ran events and workshops to build up the hype around the concept. This saved Sheree from signing a lease before finding out if her business idea would work. And the results spoke volumes: nearly 500 people walked through the doors in less than a week!


“I’ve often seen people have an idea and spend a lot of time and a lot of money building...

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Uncategorized Sep 06, 2021

This is a question that I am regularly asked when having career conversations with women.


Over my career journey, I’ve had a few of my own side businesses, including a beauty startup which was a marketplace for beauty professionals (think Airbnb for the beauty industry).


So, here's my four tips when considering a startup:

1. Pick something you’re passionate about

This is really your key to success. Startups involve a huge amount of time, effort and unknowns, so make sure the passion will keep you showing up for your idea.


2. Find a way to profit off something you’re already doing

I had people asking me at events if I would consider mentoring them. This is how Lady Leadership got its start! If you’re perhaps doing a service for others already and can clearly see that you’ve got some sort of demand for this, figure out how you can benefit financially.


3. Test the market

Figure out if your idea will solve a pain point. This is a...

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Uncategorized Aug 31, 2021

Curious about growing your business into a global digital agency? I spoke to Fatima Said, who's done just that.

Fatima is the owner and founder of eWave, an ecommerce agency that helps brands sell online and be successful, working with brands such as Nike, Canon and Nestle, to name just a few. The business now has over 280 employees around the world and offices in Europe, Asia, Hong Kong, Singapore, China, Sydney and Melbourne. 


So, what drives the success of the business?

Fatima credits her team.

She recommends hiring team members who you can rely on to deliver outcomes. Especially during the global pandemic, with the majority of her team members working from home, Fatima stresses the importance of having the right people on your side who will independently get the work done.

“I think the most important thing [when hiring] is getting the people that align with the same values…making sure that they tick those boxes.”



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Uncategorized Aug 24, 2021

In my experience, I’ve found that women don’t necessarily have enough career conversations.

This type of conversation can be invaluable, for quite a few reasons. So, why should you be having more?

Here’s a few situations where this type of conversation is useful:

  • You’re wanting to explore or find out information about other jobs, in or outside of your organisation
  • You’re seeking feedback about your performance
  • You’re needing help or ideas of how to grow your career


Often, organisations will have a periodic check in with you after your first 3 months working with them, to help you through your probation period. Another check in usually occurs 6 months in, and then a development review will be scheduled when you reach the 12 month mark.

However, it’s my belief that ambitious individuals should be having more frequent career conversations.    

How can you do this?

Schedule a time with whoever you feel you need to speak...

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Uncategorized Aug 19, 2021

What would you do if you woke up one morning and your business had to pivot entirely?

As the Customer Experience Officer for Fed Square, this is exactly what Suzana Bishop and her team faced with the onset of the global pandemic.


For Fed Square, COVID-19 caused a mass of event cancellations and an estimated 80% decrease in their website visits. They were forced to close, and rethink their plans for the year.

So, how did Suzana and her company take this unprecedented challenge and turn it into an opportunity for innovation?

They decided to change their strategy, by developing their physical activities into virtual experiences. This not only kept their commitment to their community during challenging times, but also, it was a driving force for Fed Square to evolve sooner than the team had originally planned.


“I always felt that we were going to have an offering online, but we probably rushed to bring that to life because of the need and circumstances…We...

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Uncategorized Aug 10, 2021


I’m raising this topic because I often hear from people who are wanting to move forward into a new role but are still yet to master their current role. In these situations, it’s difficult to promote people or move them into other roles when they’re not giving 100% of their effort to their current roles.

So, if you’re not being promoted, or if you’re being overlooked, then I’d encourage you to have a hard conversation with yourself and consider if you’ve mastered your current job to the best of your ability.

How do you know if you've mastered your current role? 

Start with the basics
Dust off the job description of your current role and go over it thoroughly.
If you don’t have a job description, I’d recommend writing yourself one.

Rate yourself against the key performance metrics
Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5: with 1 being the things you know you aren’t doing, and 5 being the things you know...

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Uncategorized Aug 04, 2021

How can you put yourself in a position to be considered the go-to person, or the person seen as the solution to a problem. 

In my career, I’ve tried to establish myself as someone who can get things done, as someone who can deliver, and someone that people enjoy working with.

There’s nothing worse than dealing with difficult people at work. Whether they're difficult to pin down for a meeting, difficult to get information and resources from, or just plain difficult - difficult people often go overlooked for promotions because the higher-ups don't want that culture trickling down any further.

For this reason, I like to position myself as someone who can get along with people, and more importantly, someone who can make time for people within the organisation. I’ll have a meeting with anyone in my organisation to go through outcomes, goals, schedules – that’s one part of being someone who’s good to work with.

Let's take a moment for self...

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Uncategorized Jul 27, 2021

Gabrielle Dolan is a speaker and author, and an expert in storytelling. While working in a corporate setting about 20 years ago, she noticed that all the best presenters and communicators got their message across through stories.

Through her leadership development and change management roles at one of Australia's largest banks, Gabrielle was able to test the efficacy of storytelling in communicating a larger business message, with fantastic results. 

"People tend to understand things better, but also remembered the story - and when you're in a leadership role, it's so important to get people to not only understand what you're saying, but to remember it when the meeting's over".

Inspired by a book on storytelling written by the World Bank's Stephen Denny, Gabrielle decided to explore the concept further.

She decided to produce a framework that would allow her to teach businesspeople a really practical way to implement storytelling and to use stories more effectively in...

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Uncategorized Jul 21, 2021

I’ve been working since I was 12 years old. From folding t-shirts for my Dad’s side hustle on a Friday night, to working at Target and in pubs, I’ve always had a strong work ethic and have always wanted to work.

Confidence, however, is something I’ve struggled with throughout my career, and it’s something I see a lot of other women struggle with, too.

Growing up, I was quiet and shy. I liked to read books and ride horses, and dance. My brother was one of those kids who was effortlessly great at most things, so I was labelled the ‘struggler’ of the family.

I didn’t have big career aspirations, and I didn’t have a whole lot of confidence in my own ability. When I started working in IT, I didn’t know anyone and I viewed it as “just a job”.

Obviously, this attitude changed throughout my career (you don’t get to the C-Suite if you’re just plodding along, let me tell you!).

When I finished Uni, my Mum suggested...

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