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About Me

After 30 years in business and technology - from starting out on the helpdesk to getting to and staying in the C suite, being on Executive boards and everything in between. I am passionate about helping you in your career.

I have worked around the world for many companies and in many countries.

What I have enjoyed the most in my roles is helping those around me succeed - particularly women!  

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Have you been working in your role for a while? Are you looking for a change but just not sure what the next step should be? How is your career planning? Get in touch now for your 20 minute career conversation. 

20 minute Career Conversation

Contact to me to pick my brains and have a 20 minute career conversation.

"It wasn’t until i started my new position as project coordinator that I truely felt like I was doing what I was meant to do as a career. It wasn’t until my boss gave me an opportunity that I took it and ran, and each day I am wanting to learn more and gain more skills. Sam McIntyre was my boss she enriches you with all the knowledge she has from past experiences to help you gain all the tools you need to reach your fullest potential."

Karly Smole
Project Coordinator

Work with Me

I firmly believe that for women to get the cut through at all levels of business - we all need to start sharing more. Sharing our stories. I am passionate about helping women meet their full potential and if I can help and we can learn more together that will be very exciting!

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