Hi, I am Sam. 

Are you READY


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Let me be your Career Confidante! 

Are you looking for someone that has built a big career who you can talk to about your career?

Are you looking for someone to have your back as you navigate your career?

I will help you get clear on who you are and where you want go.

I share my CAREER PRINCIPLES that have guided me in my Career and how these can help you!

Do you want to shift your career or business forward... 


I learnt how to grow businesses and my career by doing and I have helped many women do the same thing. 


I run coaching sessions that can help you get you clarity in just one session and help you see what you are not seeing for yourself. 


I help you discover: 

- Where are you at?

- Are you stuck?

- What do I really enjoy doing?

- Do I want more?

- How can I start to make that happen?

- Do I need to reskill?

- How can I get my confidence returning from a work break?

- Am I blocking myself from moving forward or am I being blocked?

- Who can help me?

- How can I get to the next stage?


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Here's What Others Are Saying...

Lulu Young

I found Sam whilst I was exploring what to do next in developing my career.  Sam coached me through an assessment of where I had been and where I was looking to go.  The structure of Sam’s approach and her ability to draw insights to help me build a career plan has contributed to me taking on a fantastic role in an industry that I did not think would be easy to enter.   Without a doubt, my coaching sessions with Sam have been one of the best investments I’ve made in myself. 

Gabrielle Chalmers 

Working with Sam Mcintyre was intentional and focused, leading to a lot of self realisation and growth. Thanks to the learning from our time together I was able to change industries, improve my earning capacity and land a job that was more than I could imagine for myself but exactly what Sam believed was possible for me.

She affirmed the power of my personal strengths and was encouraging in exploring areas for growth and how I could go about bettering myself without judgement or a tone of “you should do this”. 

I couldn’t recommend Sam more highly.

Together we will explore:


Your business or career outlook - your mission, vision, purpose and priorities. 


We will help you develop your business or career story and start to have conversations that represent this. 


We will have a look at the skills that you have developed to date and what you are good at and where should you go next?


What skills do you need to get where you are going and how can you develop them.

We will review how your goals and action plans to support these. 


Plus how you show up, network, communicate and present plus how are you using social media to your advantage.