Build a Career that makes people RECOGNISE you, HIRE you, and FOLLOW you! 




Figure out what is holding you back and why and move past these!.


Gain the confidence to show up and network, present and communicate like never before. 


Learn the steps and actions that you need to take your Career to the next level


How Lady Leadership Career Lab works!

The Lady Leadership Career Lab is a 4 week online course, with 20 video lessons all about building the career of your dreams. 

You will need 20 - 30 mins per week to get through the online videos! Plus you will also get a workbook per lesson where I will get you to apply these lessons to your Career. 

You will need to set aside at least 30 mins per week for these plus other planning. 

If you want to build the career of your dreams - this work is not optional! 

The Lady Leadership Career Lab is all about taking action in your career! 

By the time we have finished the 4 weeks you will know what you want out of your career, what you are good, what new skills you need to develop and you will have created an action plan to go after your next career opportunity!

If you are ready to take your Career to the next level then have a look at what is in the course! 


Hi I'm Sam! 

I am the Founder and Director of Lady Leadership. I was once where you are now! Not a 100% happy with my career, wanting more and wanting to be seen and heard! 

It took me years and years to get to where I am, to speak up, to have a voice and to strive for what I deserved. 

Ambition can sometimes been seen as a dirty word but I had it in spades. I wanted to be financially secure and always be able to provide for my family no matter what! 

I built my career from the Helpdesk to the C-Suite but it was hard! It took time and also at times - it felt very very lonely. 

If you want to:

- Understand what is holding you back. 

- If want to gain more confidence. 

- Create a career plan to take your Career forward

Then the Lady Leadership Career Lab is for you. 

I want to help all women to have the career of their dreams whatever that looks like for them. 

The Course Week By Week 


Week 1: Understanding You! 


Week 1 is all about understanding who you are, where you are at in your career, and where do you want to go. 

- Careers are not a one way path to the top.

- To have a big Career there is going to be some hard stuff. 

- Building Career resilience.

- How satisfied are you in your current role. 

- How to get really clear on what you want out of your Career. 

- Where are you at now and what do you want out of your career. 

- What is your job Mission, Vision, Purpose and Priorities. Are you clear on these. 

- We look at your Career Story - what have you done and what would you like to do.

- How do you tell people about your Career story. 

- Who have you told about what you really want in your Career?


By the End of Week 1

You will have a clear view in your Career of where you are at and what you would really like to do in the future. 

You will also understand what it takes to have a BIG career and whether that is for you! 

Plus you will be able to start to tell your Career story effectively to start to get what you want. 


Week 2: Skills Development! 

Week 2 is all about understanding the skills that you have, and understanding what skills you need to develop to move forward.

Plus how to have Career conversations with yourself and with others to take you forward. 

- Understanding what you are good at and where do you need to develop new skills. 

- Core skills review and how to rate yourself.  

- Leadership skills review and ratings. 

- Current job description skills review and rating. 

- Dream job description skills review and rating. 

- Understanding your gaps and how you can develop the skills to fill these gaps. 

- Career conversations - when to have them and how! 

By the End of Week 2

You will know the skills that you have honed and the skills that you need to develop! 

Plus you will know how to start telling people about what you want in your career through Career conversations! 

Plus you will start to develop a plan of how to create these new skills. 


Week 3: Mindset and Showing Up! 


Week 3 is all about understanding your mindset and how are you showing up plus creating the networks to be successful. 

- How are you talking to yourself about your career.

- What or who is holding you back in your Career? 

- Are you holding on to something one person gave you feedback on 5 years ago?

- What are you telling yourself?

- What makes you confident?

- How do you create and get resilient in your career. 

- What are you saying that reinforces that?

- Who is in your support network?

- How do you show up, both at work and on social media?

- How do you organise yourself and give others confidence in your ability?

- Let me share how you can get others to trust you and prove yourself. 

- How to business network like a pro. 

- How to find business friends and create the networks around you that you need. 

- How to present and communicate even if you are an introvert. 


By the End of Week 3

You will have a clear view of what might of been holding back, what you have been telling yourself that might not be true and you now know how you can move forward. 

You will have a new found confidence to start to own and shift your career forward. 

You are going to start asking for a lot more! 



Week 4: Goal setting and Actions plans!

Week 4 is all about taking what you have learnt in the previous 3 weeks and pulling into goals and action plans that you can achieve to take you to the next state.  

- You are going to create the goals - the BIG and the SMALL.

- You are going to create the actions to deliver these goals.  

- I will share my tricks on how I keep myself accountable and actionable. 

- Learn how to plan and collaborate like a pro. 

- Learn how I manage my day, my week, my month and my quarter. 

- Set yourself up for the conversations that you need to have. 

- Learn how to have the hard conversations and actually find out the facts. (Not what you have made up in your head.) 

- Start showing up like you never have before. 



By the End of Week 4


You will now know who you are and what you want out of your career. You will know the skills you have and the skills you need to develop to go to the next stage plus you will know how to get there! 

Plus you will know where who to go to for help when you need it! I am so excited for you! 

Naving Smith - Laminex Group

Sam was my mentor when I was in the midst of branching out and looking for new roles to support the experience and growth I wanted in my career. I enjoyed her ability to communicate candidly about how things actually do work and without the usual coaching jargons. Sam brings a wealth of experience and provides great insights to spark reflective thinking and development.

Sue Visic - Thoughtworks

Sam is one of the most authentic technology executives I have worked with. It is a treat to watch her motivate and inspire the people around her. She genuinely leads with integrity and understands what it means to deliver exceptional outcomes for business and the customer alike.

Karly Smole - Sussan Group

It wasn’t until i started my new position as project coordinator that I truely felt like I was doing what I was meant to do as a career. Sam McIntyre enriches you with all the knowledge she has from past experiences to help you gain all the tools you need to reach your fullest potential.